PhotoDoggie-28Having grown up in rural Pennsylvania, I learned to love the beauty all around me – the rolling green hills, the chill in the air when autumn hits, the light changing season by season…and most of all, the wonderful creatures that inhabit our planet.

My love of photography started at a pretty young age. Some of the first photographs I took were of my cat, Puffy, with Barbie’s pink hat on her head watching a little plastic TV. I was excited about my cheap Kodak cartridge film camera and the photos I took (although I’m positive my cat was not nearly as amused as I was, lol). As a teenager, I found inspiration for my photography in tiny coal towns, photographing run down buildings and abandoned shacks that I would find. When it came time to choose a college, it was obvious what I wanted to major in – photography!

After receiving a BFA in photography from the University of New Mexico, I moved to California to work at Weinberg & Clark photography in Mountain View. There I learned all I could about a professional commercial studio environment and using Photoshop to manipulate images. The shift to digital photography had officially happened and my trusty camera that I had used for years became somewhat of a dinosaur. Being that I was just starting out, I wasn’t in a position to buy a new digital camera so I decided that I would need to be patient for the right time to upgrade.

At about this time, I also discovered a career in web design which has given me the blessed knowledge of how to design and create my own web presence (a valuable skill in this day and age!) And even though this job payed the bills, I still wasn’t fulfilling my real passion. Luckily my new job offered me the flexibility to live anywhere I wanted so the choice was easy for me to leave Mountain View for the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains!

photo-300x196After moving to Santa Cruz one of my childhood wishes finally came true and I got my first dog, Buddy. I never realized how much having him would change my life! The love and bond that formed between us was something I had never quite experienced with my cats (although I love them dearly). Now I had a more compelling reason to get a camera – I wanted desperately to capture and document the life of my beloved doggie.

You never know where life will take you…in my case, it has led me to starting this fabulous business where I feel I am finally doing what I was always meant to do – document and preserve the lives of these amazing, mysterious and beautiful creatures.

Thanks for checking out my site…I hope to hear from you soon!

– Lauren