Q: How do I get started?

First, send me an email and let me know what you are interested in and if you have any questions about my services or the photo shoot. We can also chat over the phone, if you would prefer! The next step would be to schedule the pre-consultation.

Q: Is there some kind of pre-consultation?

Yes. We can either talk over the phone or in person, whatever you would prefer. I will also give you a questionnaire for you to fill out that will tell me more information about your pet and the kind of shots you are anticipating.

Q: Can you also photograph my family?

Yes! Many of the sessions I have done include family members, either with Fido or without. Prices may vary depending on how many people and the extra time involved.

Q: Where do your shoots take place?

For each two hour session you can have up to two locations. Either you can choose the locations or I can recommend some. Luckily, we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world so the possibilities are pretty endless! I always like to tell people to choose locations that will make your pet feel happy – the best results come from expressive animals! I am willing to travel all around the Santa Cruz area – Felton, Boulder Creek, Scott’s Valley, Aptos, Capitola, Monterey and Carmel are all included in my initial fee.

Q: My dog / pet isn’t good off-leash. Can we still do a shoot outside of my home?

Yes! I almost always insist that pets remain on leash during a shoot for safety reasons if we are out in public. Luckily for us, I am awesome at removing just about anything using Photoshop and will be able to make it look as if the leash isn’t there.

Q: What should I bring to the session?

Mostly I just need you and your pet! However, if you want to include specific props, such as your pets favorite toy or treats, please bring them! I will have with me organic treats, tennis balls, poop bags, a water bowl and other miscellaneous toys. If you are planning to be in the photographs, plan on dressing accordingly.

Q: Why should I consider purchasing prints or products from you?

So many people let these beautiful images sit on their computer indefinitely. I highly encourage anyone who has taken the time to do a shoot with a professional (like me) to go the extra mile and get some prints so that you can hang them on the wall and admire them forever! What good do the images do if no one ever sees them??! When you purchase a print or photo product from me you will be assured that it is professionally printed on archival paper with a guarantee of color correction and art quality.

Q: Do you have any type of referral program?

Yes! My hope is that you will love your photos and products so much that it will be impossible to NOT tell all of your friends about us! However, just to add a little something extra to the deal, I offer two FREE 8×10 prints to anyone who refers a new client to us. This is a great deal so get out there and start telling everyone how much you love Photo Doggie!!