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The first shoot of my busy weekend started with my favorite groomer from Bed & Biscuits. She has three lovely doggies, Trusty, Odin & Zoe. Okay, so the first time I saw Odin (the doggie with the fabulous green mohawk) I was pretty blown away. I mean, who has ever seen a dog with a mohawk before?!! Well, his groomer mommy told me she has been doing this for a looong time and routinely gets quite a few unusual looks and comments. If you are wondering, she uses a totally non-toxic and plant based dye which is totally safe for her little fur-baby! Anyway, as you can imagine, this was quite a fun shoot that started at her house in Santa Cruz and from there we took a trip to my favorite shoot location, Henry Cowell State Park. Check out a few of my favorites below:

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